Welcome Message from the Committee

Co-Chairs and Committee Members

Back Row Left to Right: Sharon Pereira, Norman Gledhill, Carol Wilson, Jennifer Myers ’91, Merv Mosher ’82, Sheila Forshaw ’83
Front Row Left to Right: Laura Austen, Co-Chair: Steve Dranitsaris ‘73, Co-Chair: Angelo Belcastro, Patricia Murray
Absent from the photo: Eva Langley '71

During the 2016-2017 year, the School of Kinesiology is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of its creation as the Department of Physical Education & Athletics back in 1966-1967 as well as the 50th year of the undergraduate academic program, which enrolled its first class of students back in the fall of 1967.

And there is much to celebrate!  What originated back then as an innovative academic program with fewer than 20 students has grown today to be York University’s third largest undergraduate program with 3,000 students, a graduate program (Masters and Doctoral) with more than 150 students, and 46 full-time faculty – many of whom have been recognized for their teaching and service, many of whom are engaged in world-class research.  York’s varsity sport teams are continuously highly ranked, have brought significant pride and reputational advantage to the University over the years, and have fully adorned Tait McKenzie’s main gym with championship banners.  Our intramural, inter-college, sport club and lifestyle/instructional programs and activities have, for the past fifty years, enhanced the campus experience for student participants numbering well into the hundreds of thousands.....

Message from Angelo Belcastro
Chair of the School of Kinesiology and Health Science

Angelo Belcastro

Our school is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2016-2017. A 50th birthday is a very special occasion to reflect on our accomplishments and celebrate. Our faculty, staff and graduates will no doubt remember the very important and special moments in their lives shared within the Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics or the School of Kinesiology and Health Science.

In preparing for our anniversary activities, it is clear that our graduates share a strong bond not only among their graduating class but also with other graduates, staff and faculty throughout the past 50 years. Graduates, staff and faculty have all contributed to inspiring a strong sense of pride in our school community. Because of you our School holds a solid reputation with graduates in all walks of life making significant contributions to our society, not just in Toronto and Canada, but also in other parts of the world.

To honour and acknowledge the importance that you have had on our school a number of events are planned on campus over the year and we encourage you to participate, if possible. This 50th Anniversary website will provide you with the information and possibility to connect with other graduates, staff and faculty.

Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series

Paul Jones: KINE 1000 Christa Costas-Bradstreet Christa Costas-Bradstreet: KINE 1020 Michael Boni Michael Boni: KINE 2031 Paul Jones: KINE 2049 Gillian McCullough: KINE 3000 Dr. Cathy (Clark) Craven Dr. Cathy Craven: KINE 3030 Vlad Ljubicic: KINE 4010